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KALON Botanicals - Thoughtful Holistic Skincare

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Kalón: Our Name and Logo Explained!

kalon botanicals

As we get ready to launch our Indiegogo campaign in order to raise the requisite funds for expanding our line of holistic body and skincare (and goodies for the home as well), we thought we'd take the time to explain what our brand name and logo mean.

Kalón: This is an Ancient Greek word and concept. It literally means "beautiful thing", but it connotes far more than just physical beauty. Of course, we want to make you feel physically beautiful with the ritualistic use of our products, but we also want to make you feel like you're doing good in a moral sense. Hence, Kalón, besides hitting on the aspect of physical beauty, also means what is good, useful, and virtuous. We want to secure the beauty of the spirit and soul of the living interconnected whole, of which we are a small part.

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