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3 Days Left, So We Decided to Feature Mountain Rose Herbs! Also, Secrets Revealed!


KALON Botanicals - Thoughtful Holistic Skincare

3 Days Left, So We Decided to Feature Mountain Rose Herbs! Also, Secrets Revealed!

Jessica Denzer

We have only 3 days left before our Indiegogo Campaign wraps up! We have started sending out perks and are planning our next moves to bring you a full line of thoughtful holistic skincare. We are hoping to get one last big push to bring us closer to our goal before we say c'est la vie and celebrate a successful, lovely, and incredibly eye-opening experience! We are humbled by all the support we've received so far and can't thank you all enough. But it's not over until it's over! A lot can happen in 3 days, so please share with your friends and loved ones or anyone else who might benefit from thoughtful holistic skincare. 

In honor of our 3-day countdown, we are going to do a blog post every day featuring a thoughtful and ethical company that we love, and that inspires us to hold our products to the highest standards of ethics, design, quality, and sustainability. 

Today we are featuring Mountain Rose Herbs! 

(All information sourced from Moutain Rose Herbs website) 

Moutain Rose Herbs was created by the one and only Rosemary Gladstar, founder of the Sage Mountain Herbal Retreat Center and School, as a way to supply materials for her students. Working with her friend, Julie Bailey, the small store began to grow.  Eventually, Julie bought the small herbal store from her friend, and today is the President of Mountain Rose Herbs, a leading provider in organic and sustainable herbs, essential oils, and the first company to have a 100% organic herbal tea line "packaged with 100% post-consumer waste materials including recycled newspaper and compostable plant cellulose." 

Mountain Rose Herbs is a leader in the organic movement. "Organic" is the life of the company, maintaining high standards of sustainable organic agricultural practices, not just for the benefit of our bodies but also for the benefit of the environment. Owners Julie Bailey and Shawn Donnille, (a dedicated environmental activist) work hard to ensure that Mountain Rose Herbs is 100% organic, and is dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices, ensuring that the products they grow and produce are 100% non-GMO, USDA-certified organic, and ethically and sustainably made. They also hold all partnered companies to the same standards. Mountain Rose Herbs is a Fair for Life fair trade program member, an EarthShare member, a certified CarbonFund 100% renewable energy company, and Salmon-Safe certified. 

We are deeply inspired by the teachings of Rosemary Gladstar and by the practices and dedication of Julie Bailey and Shawn Donnille at Mountain Rose Herbs. You can be satisfied knowing that the essential oils and other materials we source from Mountain Rose Herbs are coming from a leader in ethical and sustainable practices, where "organic" is a lifestyle as well as a practice. Knowing this allows us to ensure that every product we make is truly thoughtful and holistic, made with the best care from the very beginning. 

AND! You can actually check out one of our thoughtful holistic products made with essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs before it even hits the market! We are offering a secret perk for the last few days of our Indiegogo. We've been hard at work designing Kalypso Nourishing Body Lotion, and now you can try it before anyone else! We are offering Kalypso as a secret perk with a $40 donation, and you can only access it by clicking the image below! I have been using Kalypso every morning, and (I'm totally being non-biased!) it is one of the best lotions I have ever used in my life! The smell of rose geranium combined with lemongrass helps me start my day out calm and focused, and the aloe and shea butter leave my skin feeling amazing. Basically, I walk out of the house every day feeling beautiful, focused, and happy, and I smell great! Click the image below to contribute to our Indiegogo and get Kalypso before anyone else!! This is an exclusive perk at a limited quantity, so act fast! Every contributor gets a 10% off discount to put towards any of our products! 

Kalypso Body Lotion is named after the Ancient Greek sea nymph who enchanted Odysseus to her shore with her beautiful voice. Skin softening emollients like shea butter and aloe combined with regenerative hemp seed oil and easily absorbed grapeseed oil make for a rich, non-greasy lotion. Rose geranium and lemongrass help balance moods and fight cellulite!