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KALON Botanicals - Thoughtful Holistic Skincare

Kalón: Our Name and Logo Explained!

kalon botanicals

As we get ready to launch our Indiegogo campaign in order to raise the requisite funds for expanding our line of holistic body and skincare (and goodies for the home as well), we thought we'd take the time to explain what our brand name and logo mean.

Kalón: This is an Ancient Greek word and concept. It literally means "beautiful thing", but it connotes far more than just physical beauty. Of course, we want to make you feel physically beautiful with the ritualistic use of our products, but we also want to make you feel like you're doing good in a moral sense. Hence, Kalón, besides hitting on the aspect of physical beauty, also means what is good, useful, and virtuous. We want to secure the beauty of the spirit and soul of the living interconnected whole, of which we are a small part.

This meaning is nicely captured in Plato's dialogue The Symposium. In this ancient writing, a variety of characters gather to celebrate Agathon's, the tragic poet's, recent victory at an annual festival for best play. Instead of drinking to excess, as they had done the night of the festival, the men present decide to have their own contest for the best speech in praise of the god of Love (Eros).

When it comes time for Socrates to deliver his speech, he relies on what he learned from a priestess named Diotima (hell yeah that Socrates relies on the account of a woman at an all dude party!). Diotima had imparted some major wisdom to Socrates about the true meaning of Eros. He is not an immortal god, according to this account, but is rather a daimon (a connective spirit between the divine and mortal realms) who inspires, above all else, the love of wisdom (philosophia). Eros is what compels people to seek out the beauty in truth. This first happens in the physical realm through the appreciation of beautiful bodies and things. But, this is not the whole of true beauty (tò kalón). One must transcend the merely physical aspect of beauty to attain the truth, which requires discipline and virtue: openness to others-love-and mindfulness of our place in the cosmos as mere mortals. What is at stake is the moral status of the soul in the quest for truth and wisdom.

Ultimately, reaching tò kalón (Beauty itself), for us, is in line with this ancient message. We must be mindful of the connectivity of all things and be weary of getting caught up in the mere physicality of beauty at the expense of the goodness of one's character.


Our Logo: A triangle inscribed within a circle. This is a geometric rendering of a thistle, which has a rich symbolism in many different traditions. In fact, it is the national flower of Scotland! However, we take it to be the sign of nobility and strength, along the lines of the Celtic tradition. Connecting it to the Greek origins of our name, we see it as necessary to live a good, beautiful life.

So, there you have it! To learn more about how our name and logo relate to holistic body and skincare, stay posted for future posts!