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Lip Balms! Tins over Tubes!


KALON Botanicals - Thoughtful Holistic Skincare

Lip Balms! Tins over Tubes!

kalon botanicals

Well hello there, lovelies! As we get ready to launch our Indiegogo campaign, so we can more readily set this ship 'o sailing, we thought we'd address the use of some of our packaging, in particular, the use of tins instead of plastic or paper tubes for our line of made to order lip balms.  


Some of you have been asking us if we sell these items in what seems to be the more convenient packaging...tubes. Unfortunately, this packaging isn't the best for our products and our brand. Since our lip balms contain organic, natural base and essential oils, we discourage you from storing these little goodies in pockets.The reason why we suggest that you store lip balms in a purse or another place away from your body is that the balms are prone to melt and oxidation when consistently heated to body temperature (98 degrees, y'all!), which leads to a loss of the balms' natural holistic properties. Although we do include vitamin E as a natural antioxidant (which preserves oils), our balms do not contain the heavier duty preservatives of most commercial, petroleum-based products that you can treat a little more roughly. Plus, you certainly wouldn't want to forget a tube in your pocket then throw your clothing in the wash!


Some other reasons why we opt for metal tins, which are made of 99% steel, rather than tubes are because of the recyclability, reusability and sustainability of these containers over plastics and papers. This is in line with our general mission of encouraging mindful and conscientious consumption. We encourage you to recycle or reuse all of the packaging our products come in.

Tins are much easier to clean for recycling purposes over plastic and paper tubes, which, if not properly emptied of their contents, might be rejected at your recycling center. Do not assume that because you have placed these items in your recycling bin that they will necessarily be recycled. Recycling is a process and although it begins with you, it certainly does not end there!

And even if you're not sure if your containers will be recycled properly, tins are much more versatile when it comes to reusing. You can reuse tins to not only give DIY'ing balms and salves a try yourself (see recipe below for a simple balm / salve), but also to store small items in, such as dried herbs or spices, tacks, paper clips, etc.  The tins we use, (which are made in the USA, btw), if cleaned properly, can be used over and over again, which is certainly not the case with plastics (which start leeching harmful toxins after awhile, especially if exposed to heat) and papers (which break down pretty rapidly).

In addition, the manufacturing of tins is more sustainable than that of plastics and papers. According to, the manufacturing of tins uses less materials and energy than that of plastics, papers and even glass.  Also, most tins, due to their ability to be more readily recycled, are already made from recycled metals!

Lastly, tins are a more cost effective way to package our balms, which means we do not need to compensate for the price of packaging by increasing overall prices. This also means that we can focus more on the quality of the ingredients that go into our balms, which in the end results in higher quality products for you to enjoy at a reasonable price!

So, if you properly store (away from heat) and use a clean finger to apply our balms, they will be effective holistic moisturizes for your lips any time of the year! Plus, you can rest assured that we have done our research as to which packaging options are the best for our products and you, the conscientious consumer.


General DIY  balm / salve recipe (for 1 oz. tin):

  • 20g of oils / butters (Choose whichever tickle your fancy and suite your needs!)
  • 4-5g beeswax (If you want a vegan option, substitute with candelilla wax. Depending on your climate and how hard or soft you want your final product, experiment and adjust accordingly!)
  • A drop or two of vitamin E Oil (antioxidant)
  • 5-7 drops of essential oils (Optional; note that storing a formula with a high concentration of essential oils is best done in glass.)

Weigh oils / butters and wax in a Pyrex container. Add water to a pot and put on low heat. Place the Pyrex in the pot and let contents melt. This will take a while, but resist jacking up the heat, as many oils will loose their holistic properties and start to oxidize at higher temperatures! Once melted, add vitamin E oil and essential oils. Let set (you can speed this part up by putting it in the fridge). Et voila!

Whenever DIY'ing salves or balms, take into consideration your climate and the purpose of your final product when choosing oils and butters, waxes, essential oils and ratios between all ingredients. As always, opt for ingredients that are ethically sourced and unadulterated! Mountain Rose Herbs is a great place to turn for trusted supplies!