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KALON Botanicals - Thoughtful Holistic Skincare

Year of the...

kalon botanicals


There are so many things happening in the world right now. We are in the midst of a heated political campaign, the Lunar New Year ushered in the Year of the Monkey, some people are still successfully holding on to new year's resolutions while others have let midnight promises fall slowly from their lists like drying flower petals. All and everything is simultaneously good, and exciting, and difficult, and nerve-wracking, and the unknowable future seems to hover somewhere in the distance, out in the great beyond, like a UFO for Mulder and Scully to eventually uncover. The Truth is Out There.

In this early part of the year, as we push forward and attempt to be active participants in our destinies, KALÓN is announcing four new listings on Etsy, with individual lip balms, salves, exfoliants, and oils, now available for purchase. We are working hard to create a fan base, growing Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter followers (please follow us!). We are also moving towards becoming a more official business, spreading our wings further from our already established homes in Brooklyn and Gainesville, and setting roots down in Atlanta, GA. As we make these moves, we are dedicating ourselves to crafting the best quality skincare and haircare products, using the most natural, sustainable, and ethically sourced ingredients.


And here, on our blog, we will be filling the "pages" with our stories. Drop by to read about new concoctions, new discoveries, and new products. We will bring you all sorts of DIY natural recipes (both for your body and for your tummy!), thoughts and ideas about philosophy, history, life, the world, plants, animals, love, sex, and, of course, informative and insightful writings about what it means to follow a holistic and natural path. We hope you stay tuned and stay involved. With so much excitement bubbling up over here, we can barely contain ourselves. But we are trying our best to buckle down, work hard, and bring you amazing products, stories, tips, recipes, and anything else that tickles our fancy!