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KALON Botanicals - Thoughtful Holistic Skincare

Don’t Make it Complicated! DIY Dry 'Shampoo'

kalon botanicals

Hey beauties!

Thanks for stopping by to peep at our blog! Today we have a super simple DIY way to help keep your hair in tip-top condition. All it involves is some thoughtfulness and a few items from your pantry!

With all the various hair care products on the market, properly taking care of your hair can seem complicated (queue early 2000’s Avril Lavigne right about…now!). But the truth is: IT NEED NOT BE SO! Having healthy, shiny, clean hair can be simple and sustainable. DIY natural shampoo cleans your hair without the synthetic chemicals that work against your natural moisturizers.

We ladies at KALÓN are always elbow-deep in new recipes and experiments for natural and healthy body products that work for all our different needs. Just call us mad scientists!


With our combined knowledge and a few tips from our hair stylists, we've found that keeping your haircare routine simple and thoughtful is where it's at.

The simplest and most thoughtful thing you can do for your hair is to not over wash it (besides not using too many heating tools and artificial dyes!). Plain and simple. Over washing with shampoos, which are on the alkaline side of the pH scale (hair naturally has a slightly acidic pH between 5-6), will strip your hair of its natural protective and nourishing oils (These oils are good! They help keep hair strong and healthy! “Squeaky clean” hair is not necessarily a good thing!). As a result of this stripping, our body compensates by producing even more oils, which creates the issue of overly oily hair, which in turn prompts us to wash even more! Super damaging vicious cycle!

To break the cycle and deal with the ‘adjustment period’ of your hair’s regaining balance, here’s a basic recipe for a dry shampoo. It will help in reducing the appearance of oily hair and get you back on track to healthier locks! Based on your hair color, choose the appropriate shade from the herbs and spices in your pantry!

In an empty spice shaker bottle or in an open jar (you can use an old makeup brush to powder hair a la the days of George III or Marie Antonette), combine 1 part arrowroot powder (cornstarch works well too!) with either 1 part unsweetened cocoa powder (for brunettes) or 1 part cinnamon (for red heads) or 1/4 part turmeric (for blondes). Shake or brush on hair and comb through hair until evenly distributed.


Be creative with this! If your hair is reddish brown, combine cocoa with cinnamon! If your hair is super light or beautifully white, use just arrowroot and add a few drops of essential oils for added nourishment and oil regulation, as well as a lovely scent (rosemary, patchouli, myrrh, petitgrain, neroli, lavender, geranium—just to name a few—are great for strengthening hair and regulating oil production). If you’re going to add essential oils to any formulation, be sure to blend the dry ingredients with the oils in a coffee grinder (one reserved for your DIY delights, unless you’re cool with your coffee tasting like essential oils and your creations smelling like coffee! Hey, maybe adding some dried ground coffee to your DIY dry shampoo is your thing!).


Keep it simple! Keep it thoughtful! Keep it beautiful!

Look out for our holistic, all-natural and handmade hair products, coming soon to our Etsy store!